A love for food is a love for life

Wholesome food is at the epicenter of any healthy household and it goes without saying that a love for food is a love for life. You may love food for it’s fueling, it’s flavor, it’s aroma or it’s ability to bring people together. You might love life for it’s many opportunities, it’s challenges, it’s surprises, or even for it’s ability to kick us down once in a while.  But for those who love food, and life, it’s hard to separate the two from one another.

We’ve found over the years that some of our greatest accomplishments, most memorable evenings and funniest/happiest/saddest moments have all occurred surrounded by food, drink, friends and family. If you find yourself feeling the same way, take a moment today to reflect on how your love for food, drink, cooking and baking might have affected your life. You will be surprised at how often food will have had an impact on your daily life.

There are so many positives that are derived from a life driven by food, and often times, we forget all too easily to recognize the people, teams, companies and cultures that fuel our bodies, thoughts and spirits. With the pending Canadian Thanksgiving weekend ahead of us, maybe you could…

…take the time to thank your father for the awesome grill cheeses he made you as a child.

…take the time to thank mom, or gran’ma, for her amazing fresh bread she’s provided you over the years.

…thank the chef at that fine dining restaurant you’re eating at.

…help out at a food bank, or even donate some time over the holidays to spread some cheer to those who may have a hard time finding it.

Whatever it is you decide to do, always remember how important a role wholesome food can, and likely has, played in your/others’ lives. Enjoy the weekend ahead with good food, drink, family and friends and stop for a second to thank those who have helped you along the way!

“A love for food is a love for life”

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